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Digital Textbooks
I have been arguing with Comcast today.
Six Degrees of Black Sabbath
Some Stats on pr0n : an infographic
Is my Windows XP f'ed?
Chess Boxing!
Dodgem Logic
Lego Brickfair
Web Services...
Gojira Bukkake (damn thing won't accept Japanese text)
Wikipedia Progress
Beware Craigslist scams
The Beginning of the End... (Sarah Connor was right)
I have not the words...
What are your favorite podcasts?
Happy Birthday to MF
Mac question
Revenge Is Sweet....
Who is Pascal Campion?
Steampunk laptop
Wildlife Rehab on YouTube
I've started a blog...
Birdy Dancing
Would you Survive?
A slightly dated PC/network question
Leave Britney ALOOOOOOOONE!!!!
Edward Gorey's The Trouble With Tribbles
iPhone hype
Create your own Simpsons avatar (and upload it here!)
Be safe.....
Brick Artist
Dread Children's Books
For those of you who need rehab...
You wanna go ride go-carts? or play tennis?
I'm a Mac ... and I'm a PC (parodies)
I'm a Marvel ... and I'm a DC.
Jokes aside....
Mona Lisa...
My emotions are overwhelmed...
Raving Gummi Bear Mad!!
Corny and even more corny....
Follow Directions....
Let's hear it for Virgina!
More Giggly Goodness....
This link is Awesome.....
Dave McKean on John Cale
Random LiveJournal Pics (broadband only thread)
Myspace Porn Bots...
Will it Blend?
Orson Welles & Mercury Theatre
Phobophobia; The fear of phobias
Funny pics
What's your name, little girl, what's your name?
The Msscribe Story
The Incredible Band Names Page
Animated Stereogram
Father's Day Furies
Mentos vs. Diet Coke
Al Pacino Podcast
Save Google videos as avi files
Tofu's Map
Not Real
Ironic Sans store
Harry Taylor
Random Links
The Real Source For The Cover Of GOO
Thank you, The Register! -- debunking why M$=target
"Hack" changes basketball game
Web 2.0 Company or Star Wars Character Quiz
John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory
If Chuck Norris is running late, time better slow down
More bounce per ounce! Getcher virtual boobies here!
Puts a whole 'nother spin on bending her over the desk
Jesus is my Jedi
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