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Mu Sick
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The Humble Music Bundle.
Goodbye REM
"What the HELL?" -- Arcade Fire wins the Grammy
The Secret Origin of the Danzig Skull
Greenville Rock Appreciation Society
Who the Hell is Thurl Ravenscroft?
Pulitzer Prize winner Hank Williams.
The Wild World of Hasil Adkins
NPR streams new Gorillaz CD
OKGo explains viral video limits
The best musical in the history of God
SCOTS in Greenville Nov. 21st!
Brian Eno Interviewed by Alan Moore
The Death of Recorded Music?
Beck - Record Club cover versions
My Life According To...
MCA of the Beastie Boys has cancer.
Beastie Boys in Asheville next week!!!!
Paul's Boutique
Furious Two-piece Blues Duos
Create a band name and album cover...
Buy my album!
Best Music of 2008?
"If you see Amanda Palmer, kill her...
The Unicorn of Rock Albums...
Notorious B.I.G. and Li'l Kim
My first album!
My very own Rolling Thunder revue!
Music Blogs
Bloodshot Records garage sale
Hasil Adkins Orgy
3::The End Is Begun
The Almost-Impossible Rock & Roll Quiz
$1 CD Sale at Dr. Strange Records
In Rainbows
Avett Bros. bootlegs?
They Might Be Giants
Baby on the NEVERMIND album cover
Burnin' Vernon Piston, I'm calling you out!
Holy Crap. Smashing Pumpkins to play 9 local shows.
Wayne Kramer plays with Valient Thorr!!!
Best Baby Music Ever
Year Zero
SXSW on DirecTV
Finally, a Bob Dylan album my kids can enjoy...
Fuck That
Music from the Bizarre
No Go Power at Christmastime.
Christmas Is Here...
The godfather of electronic sampling
Shooby Taylor
The Great Revival
James Newell Osterberg, Jr.
Happy Xmas Yer Arse
New iTunes
Complete This Song!
Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re with... Suicide Girls?
Music From Someone Else's Childhood Education.
Bad Album Covers
My third concert this year: Tom Waits
Music from the places of my childhood nightmares
Too Many Notes
It's The Arockalypse on the Day Of Rockening!
Chubby McGoo and the Guys Who aren't Slash
Music Video
RIP Buck Owens
Dixie Chicks
Holy Jesus, NIN is a loud concert.
One Album
Way Oh! Way oh! Way oh!
What are you listening to?
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